Everything you need to build a strong body, mind and feel amazing.

A large library of workouts with new workouts added every week, plus monthly recipes and mindset all in one place.

Helping you make taking care of yourself simpler. 

Teaching movement has been my career and passion for over 20 years, but workouts are really a gate way to a deeper sense of well being. 


That's why I've created the Lift library with overall well-being in mind. 


In addition to the workouts for your body, you get fresh recipe inspiration monthly, monthly mindset mantras and journal prompts, plus a monthly meditation. 


Stillness can be just as powerful as moving your body.  


I’ve been teaching live home workouts 3-4 days a week and fresh replays are added weekly.  You also have the option to join me live through my member's only app.  


Creating effective, efficient, and enjoyable workouts is truly a passion. It would be an honor to help you feel really good in your body!


You deserve to feel this good!


Dorothy's classes are energetic, transformative and innovative.  Her passion and knowledge in fitness shows in her ability to constantly create fun and challenging workout. Thanks to her my arms have never been as toned as they are now.


Dorothy is the person you want to see for a 6am workout.  I find it so inspiring that she is right there working out with us.  I owe so much of my progress and strength to her.  Her workouts are balanced, well timed with clear and easy modifications.  I just love her classes.


I love having dorothy "in. my home" MWF mornings.  I get the me time in I need before my girls wake up and the exercise endorphins keep me sane all day.  Dorothy is a wonderfully positive presence first thing in the morning.  

- Paige

There is no better way to start my day! I love how she incorporates challenging moves and modifications that can be adjusted for all levels even pilates for beginners like my husband!) The best part is the way I feel after each workout: strong, calm, clear and confident. 

- Anne

What's included


New Workouts Every Week

Each week 6 new workouts planned to tone your whole body.

Monthly Mindset Mantra & Meditation 

To make stillness a practice. Or go deeper by journaling and, reflecting,  to shift, and prioritize you. 


Fresh Monthly Recipes

New monthly recipe inspiration each month.

Plus a library of simple recipes with the nutrition information and scannable codes for My Fitness Pal.


Optional Monthly Gym Workouts

Perfect if you desire to lift a little heavier, and have a plan for the gym once or twice a week.



You get 6 fresh workouts a week. 
Choose the workout plan that works for you, star favorites to return to


I always recommend prioritizing 2-3 strength workouts a week to start. You can add more as you desire.

Need help figuring out the perfect workout schedule for you? Send me a message for a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss your current goals and fitness level.

Full Body FIT 50 

50 minutes of Focused Intesity Training, guaranteed to burn calories while toning your body.  This class is a mix of circuits, compound movements, tabata and a total body work out to leave you sweaty and strong.


Upper Body 30 

30 minutes focused on toning your arms and strengthening your upper body. Your abs and obliques are also guaranteed to be targeted. 


Lower Body & Abs 30 

This is a 30 minute lower body focused class that can easily be paried with FIT 30 following it.  Look forward to going a little heavier, adding a few more rounds and working those glutes like never before.


LIT Pilates 45

45 Minutes Low Impact Training Pilates, this is a mat Pilates class inspired by classes on the reformer.  It is low impact and gentle on your joints. It will challenge your core and whole body while incorporating some traditional training moves.

Full Body FIT 30 

Sometimes 30 minutes is all you need.  This class is 30 minutes of Focused Intesity Training, guaranteed to burn calories while toning your body.  This class is a mix of circuits, compound movements and a total body work out to leave you sweaty and strong.

Bounce & Sculpt

30 & 40 Minute Options

This is an upbeat high energy class. Start on a mini rebounder (trampoline) or on the floor. Start out with lighter weights or bands to tone your upper body, then take it down to the mat with some ankle weights or your body weight to target your glutes and abs.  

This is everything you need to stay consistent and keep moving closer to your goals.


Movement serves so many purposes, it can change you on the outside and on the inside.  


Each workout is designed to create a lean, strong body, while also leaving you feeling happier and healthier.


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