What if you had more energy, felt happier and more confident in your body, and never had to sacrifice foods you love or feel so frustrated by another restrictive overwhelming diet?



Discover the simple forever fat loss approach with the Body Lift Method.


Body LiFT Coaching takes you from frustrated and constantly losing a little only to regain it to actually losing the weight once and for all, with no yo-yo diets or hours of cardio so you feel fit and like the best version of you.

See the results my clients are getting

Dorothy McGatlin

Hi, I'm Dorothy, Mom of 2, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition health coach, BASI certified Pilates Instructor, Neurofit Trainer, with specializations in NASM behavior change and Sam Miller Science metabolism and hormones.


I specialize in supporting women who are ready to prioritize how they feel in their bodies. 


I help women change their beliefs and habits so they can finally lose weight once and for all.   


I'm so excited to support you in creating the body and life you love with a lifestyle that fits your goals.  

I always believed weight loss was just a matter of food and workouts...

I had been actively dancing my way through life since I was around 3 years old but... I think as many women do I gained about 20lbs in college.


Straight out of college I taught middle school in South LA... I tried to eat less, but couldn't stop my sweet tooth and reaching for sugar to get me through the day.


Knowing what I know now, I was in a cycle of undereating and overeating all the wrong foods... not to mention living in a state of constant stress.  


After having kids I shifted to eating clean to be my healthiest self, but that felt too extreme to maintain and I still wasn't losing all the weight I had gained... not to mention the sudden anxiety, and stress I felt.


Changing my workouts, picking up heavier weights, and understanding how to fuel my body was step one.


Step 2, was making more sustainable shifts to my diet and understanding how to fuel my body and trigger fat loss while maintaining muscle.


Step 3, was calming my nervous system and reducing stress and overwhelm through nervous system regulation. Honestly this should have been step 1! but who knew stress management was so important.


Since having kids I've dropped 70 lbs and kept them off for the past 8 years.


I feel stronger and healthier now than I did before having kids.  


Even better I'm calmer, more present, less burnt out, less overwhelmed, and more peaceful.

I'm able to manage daily stress in my life and while taking care of myself and those I love.

It's time to get to the body you love by treating your body like you love it.

If you aren't sure if you'll ever be able to lose the weight niether were they... But they did and you can too

If you're anything like the women I've worked with you've tried to lose weight and haven't found success yet... but you're fed up with looking in the mirror and tearing yourself apart and know you deserve better.


Before working together these women felt

Exhausted from dieting


Exhausted from being on this trip of restricting losing some weight regaining some weight and starting again.


Tired of trying on outfit after outfit and not feeling like I looked good in anything. 


Unsure how they even got to this spot...


Tired, of having no energy, tired of not loving their body, tired of all the struggle.


When I first talked to them they said...

"I just get so frustrated because everything I try that I would normally do that normally worked does not work and I‚Äôll put in an excessive amount of effort to lose 5 pounds and then eat ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ for a day, not excessively bad but not super great and then all my effort I put in literally demolished"


"I have spent a lot of money and still haven't gotten results... I want to conquer this disappointment and actually follow through with it."


"I get so bogged down with all the little things... that I end up taking no action at all."


"I don’t want to give up carbs, I like food too much to just not eat."


This is for you if...

You put on outfit after outfit, but none of them fit comfortably… and you just don’t feel good when you look in the mirror.


You’re afraid to go out to eat, or fear the office snacks because they always throw you off your plan…


You are sick of this rollercoaster of losing some weight only to regain it.


You have been wanting to lose weight for years, and find yourself worried that it has gotten so much harder as you’ve gotten older.


You want a plan that supports your hormones and body as you age, not just to lose the weight, but to be able to stay active, have more energy and feel your healthiest.


You find yourself thinking, what if I never lose the weight…


You find yourself feeling anxious about the next meal, and with all the information overload on diets, you need someone to cut through the mess to tell you what YOUR body actually needs.


You want to find your healthiest body and weight, with the tools and knowledge to also maintain it.


You are ready to create real change that helps you lose stubborn belly fat, create toned muscles, gives you more energy and helps you feel more confident and happy in your body.


This is for you, you deserve the support, and the simplicity that Body Life Transformation Coaching will bring to your body and life.


This is for women who desire to lose fat forever, while gaining back more energy, confidence, and love for themselves and their bodies.


Together we will slowly add in the simple stackable habits that will lead to lbs melting off, and more ease in your weightloss journey.


We will focus on a body-mind method to support your nervous system and reduce stress. Making it easier to be open and receptive to change and maintain the results. 

Everything you need to lose the weight forever is waiting for you...

An end to the cycle of losing and regaining the weight with a science backed proven system and support to meet you, where you're at, develop a nutrition plan, workout plan, and figure out what has been keeping you stuck the OVERCOME IT!


So you ultimately build the habits you need when it comes to what to eat, how to workout, and rewiring your mindset to make these changes last. 


This is not a one size fits all solution and is not for you if you are just looking for a quick fix... because you already know those never last.

Personalized approach

The custom app allows you to track your progress, from measurements & photos to food, workouts & habits. Your goals and targeted nutrition plan are created just for you.

Support & Accountability

I will be there every step of the way with unlimited messenger support through the app, a private members group, 1 on 1 calls, and a group coaching call every other week. 

Science Based

Not only are your workouts science-based to help you sculpt a lean body, but the Body LiFT Method is also based on science-backed behavior change methods and the habits that truly help women drop fat.

Results That Last

This is a long-term sustainable weight loss solution for life. So you will lose the muffin top in 90 days, feel amazing 6 months from now, and like this was the best decision of your life in a year.

In the Body LiFT Method

  • Get a customized targeted nutrition plan, so you know exactly how much to eat and what habits to target first to create lifelong success.


  • Access to FIT & LIT Workouts scientifically designed to help you build lean muscles and torch fat.¬† We will set the workout plan that is doable for you.


  • The signature Lift Method starts with regulating your nervous system so you can more easily let go of what doesn't serve you and add in aligned actions.


  • A step by step solution so the weight loss is permanent. Take the mental strain off finding the perfect plan and instead have it laid out for you.


  • You will personally be guided through the process every step of the way.¬† Be willing to go deep to unlock beliefs that have kept you stuck so we can change the story and get you results.

The Body Lift Method is Focused on 4 Key Areas


Optimizing Nutrition

We do this with simple sustainable stackable habits knowing what, when, and how much to eat to lose weight, but also feel full and satisfied.


Ditching the idea that there are good and bad foods, but learning how to fit all foods in and better fuel your body.


The first week is all about keeping a food diary that I'm able to see, this may cause some aha moments which is awesome, because awareness is the first step to change.  


From there I'll create a targeted nutrition plan for you based on your preferences and weight loss goals.


We will then focus each week on shifting closer to those targets with simple sustainable shifts to your eating habits always prioritizing your hormone health and metabolism.


The food diary and tracking food is not a forever thing, but understanding what to eat, why and how it makes you feel while building in these habits will allow your body to not only release weight with ease, but keep the weight off.  


Focused Strength Training


On our consultation call we will discuss where you currently are at with movement and workouts to set goals that are doable for you.  


I've worked with women everywhere from I'm not working out at all, to I workout 5 times a week.


From there we will create your training goals, most clients start with at least 2-3 30 minute strength training sessions a week, either working out live with me, on the replay, or through my member's app. 



Mindset Rewire & Nervous System Regulation 

Transformation happens as we take action, and walk through our challenges leading to the embodiment of the lessons. Any learning, once embodied, leads to permanent change and transformation.

Nervous system regulation takes shaping your mindset and habits from the mind to the body, to the body to the mind.  When your nervous system is regulated you have a much easier time making the necessary mindset shifts or receiving the personal insights needed for transformation.

Imagine moving from overwhelm, stressed, and frozen to being able to take the next right step and feeling calmer and more free.



Support & Accountability 

Imagine having an expert in your pocket there to support you in achieving your goals whether it's struggles, questions, or wins.  I'm only a message or voice note away.  


Every week I check your progress with weight loss and habit tracking and what wins or challenges you are facing so I can customize my support for the upcoming week.


I help you build the path, and give you the navigation system, but you must be willing to show up and take the steps! 


What this program is NOT

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  While the principles hold, the magic happens when each woman can find the methods of making them work best for her.


This is not a fad diet or workout plan!


This is not a meal plan, this is figuring out how to eat for your body for life beyond our time working together.


The questions my clients asked before joining the program.

Imagine losing stubborn belly fat without sacrificing your favorite foods...

And more importantly, keeping the weight off forever. This is for you if you are ready to transform your life with habits to lose weight forever and support your long term health.


If you have any questions at all if this is the right fit for you, or about the program I encourage you to send me a message or find 10 minutes to chat below.  

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Here's what my clients are saying...

Having someone to keep me accountable was huge. I feel like a lot of programs do weekly check-ins but I loved that this is an every single day thing. Daily reminders of what I could be doing or adding in without being invasive was fantastic. We all have busy lives but this program felt doable. Even when I lacked in tracking my food, I made up for it in other parts and never felt like I was failing an assignment. Dorothy gave me all the tools and allowed me to do what worked with my lifestyle. I appreciate that so much because once the 90 days are up, it is on me to keep this up and now I feel like I actually can do that!!

1-1 Body Lift 5 Month Coaching


 This is for you if you know you've struggled with staying consistent in the past and want a truly personalized approach and an expert to talk you through obstacles and hurdles along the way.  If you're ready to make it easy you deserve the support to make your goals a reality


If you aren't sure what would be the best fit schedule a time to chat HERE I want you to feel confident and excited about working together 

Imagine having an expert in your pocket for support and guidance every step of the way.

I know even after reading all the tesitmonials, hearing how I have done this for myself, seen how other women have been able to acheive this it can feel scary when we are on the verge of making a big commitment to ourselves…


All sorts of fears can pop up…


What if it doesn’t work?? This is why I make a guarantee that if you are taking the actions, that you will have lost at least 10 lbs or more, and be happy with your results. If you aren’t I agree to coach you for free until you either lose the weight, or 6 months whatever comes first.


And OH my gosh, if I sign up this actually means I HAVE to do the work.


It often comes down to asking yourself 3 questions,


What happens if you do nothing, are you okay with staying right where you are?


Do you believe that having an expert guiding you and supporting you would make a difference, with the plan lined out above?


And am I the right expert for you?


If you’ve made it this far I believe you have been guided here for a reason, and I can not wait to support you! I trust you in trusting yourself to know that this is the game changer you have been needing, sign up now.


If you’d like to find 30-40 minutes to chat to make sure we are the right fit and both feel confident in your results you can find a time HERE…


And if you know you're in, LET's do this, pick the option that's right for you!!


Trust that a significant change is about to happen in your life, and have faith in yourself and the Universe to guide you through it.

Still not sure if this is right for you, or have any questions?

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