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Hi, I’m Dorothy! I can’t wait to hear about your goals and help you achieve them

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 I'm here to serve and support you in reaching your weight loss and health goals to feel the best in your body. 


Imagine having an expert guide you through a holistic approach to losing the weight forever!


If you've ever wished there was an easier way, and you're ready to create real change that helps you lose stubborn belly fat, create toned muscles, gives you more energy and helps you feel more confident and happy in your body.


You're in the right place. 


I offer a couple of ways to work together from creating a personal targetted nutrition and workout plan for you through1 week mini-coaching, or more support in group coaching and 1-1 coaching.  There are also plans to support you in keeping the weight off forever in the Body Lift Academy, and signature LiFT Library.


My Story

I have been a fitness trainer for 11 years and was a middle school teacher & dance teacher before that.  I have always been active but staying active after kids took on a whole new meaning.  I wanted to feel my healthiest so I could be there to support them throughout their lives.  Yes, I also wanted to be in amazing shape, and ultimately really needed that time for myself.


As a trainer I saw woman after woman not getting results when it came to losing weight, because they were falling for extreme diets, or choosing not to change their diet at all because it was too overwhelming.  


I also know what it is like to struggle with losing weight and after my 2nd just eating healthier and exercising was no longer cutting it.  


This is what led me to get certified as a health and nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.  I take a wholistic approach  to supporting women, because losing fat is about more than workouts and food alone.


As I've worked with over 100 women my knowledge and own training has also grown to include a behavior change specialization through NASM, and a hormone and metabolism Specialization through Sam Miller Science.


What started as my own journey to lose weight post kids, and make time to also take care of my mental health through workouts, has become a bit of an obsession with helping women transform their own lives and waistlines.


As I enter my 40th decade, I see this journey as not only setting the women who work with me up with the ability to feel amazing in their bodies now, but also to age with less risk of disease and immobility.


I believe we are all powerful creators in our own lives, and this world and our loved ones all benefit when we feel our happiest, strongest, and healthiest.


Imagine having an expert to guide you through your own journey to rapidly speed up the time it takes you to lose the weight, and you get there with the knowledge, skills, and habits so it becomes a true transformation. Click below to learn more about coaching, or schedule a consultation to create your own targetted nutrition plan.

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Consultation, and 1 Week Mini Coaching

Imagine eliminating the overwhelm of macros, calories, and cutting through all the fad diet BS out there with a custom-targeted nutrition plan to know exactly what, and how to eat to meet your weight loss goals, without eliminating foods you love.

This is for you If you need a plan and some direction to get started, but are self motivated to do the work and stay the course.

Your custom consultation is the place to chat about your goals, previous challenges faced in weight loss, so I can guide you in how to simplify them and overcome them.

If I could go back in time and talk to an expert to help me set the right plan for myself to start dropping fat without all the guesswork, and time lost following what was working for other people or random online equations this would be a no brainer.

If you'd love to feel less overwhelmed when it comes to losing all the weight, and you don’t know where to start. This is it.

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist

Precision Nutrition Health Coach
Sam Miller Science Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialization
Body Arts & Sciences Pilates Instructor

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