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Body LiFT Coaching is for you if you're ready to lose at least 15-30 pounds once and for all, with no yo-yo diets or hours of cardio.

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In the Body LiFT Method

  • Get a customized targeted nutrition plan, so you know exactly how much to eat and what habits to target first to create lifelong success.


  • Access to FIT & LIT Workouts scientifically designed to help you build lean muscles and torch fat.


  • The signature Lift Method a step by step solution to rewire your mind so the weight loss is permanent. 


  • You will personally be guided through the process every step of the way, this is a personalized plan designed to meet you where you are and get you to your goals.

Personalized approach

The custom app allows you to track your progress, from measurements & photos to food, workouts & habits. Your goals and targeted nutrition plan are created just for you.

Unlimited Support & Accountability

I will be there every step of the way with unlimited messenger support through the app, a private members group, 1 on 1 calls, and a group coaching call every other week. 

Science Based

Not only are your workouts science-based to help you sculpt a lean body, but the Body LiFT Method is also based on science-backed behavior change methods and the habits that truly help women drop fat.

Results That Last

This is a long-term sustainable weight loss solution for life. So you will lose the muffin top in 90 days, feel amazing 6 months from now, and like this was the best decision of your life in a year.

Client Progress

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On the call we will do 4 things, find out where you want to go, where you are at, what has been keeping you stuck and develop a 3 step plan so you can start seeing results. Feeling stronger and dropping the muffin top.


The questions my clients asked before joining the program.


Here's what my clients are saying...

Having someone to keep me accountable was huge. I feel like a lot of programs do weekly check-ins but I loved that this is an every single day thing. Daily reminders of what I could be doing or adding in without being invasive was fantastic. We all have busy lives but this program felt doable. Even when I lacked in tracking my food, I made up for it in other parts and never felt like I was failing an assignment. Dorothy gave me all the tools and allowed me to do what worked with my lifestyle. I appreciate that so much because once the 90 days are up, it is on me to keep this up and now I feel like I actually can do that!!

Imagine losing stubborn belly fat without sacrificing your favorite foods...

And more importantly, keeping the weight off forever.

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