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Imagine eliminating the overwhelm of macros, calories, and cutting through all the fad diet BS out there with a custom-targeted nutrition plan to know exactly what, and how to eat to meet your weight loss goals, without eliminating foods you love. .


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Don’t wait! This for you if you're ready to get started, but want a plan and some support so you KNOW you're focused on the right things.



This is for you if...


  • You feel overwhelmed with where to get started.¬†


  • You if you want to make sure you're optimizing the work you are already doing.


  • You think you're eating "healthy" but the scale isn't moving, or is creeping up.¬†


  • You're ready to make it a priority but don't want to waste time


  • You have goals to lose weight or tone up, and know you can do it you just need the right plan and some support to get started.


  • You want to make a change to lose weight FOREVER by understanding how to eat for YOUR Body



Get access to a jumpstart call to figure out the number 1 place to focus your energy first. 



From there you'll receive a personalized targetted nutrition report to dial in nutrition through simple shifts.  



You'll have access to me for the first 2 weeks to break through any roadblocks and so I can check in to make sure you feel confident and capable with your plan!  



Plus access to workouts and more inside the Lift Library for a month! 


You’re just a few steps away from knowing you have a plan and support to jumpstart your journey. 
From Dorothy:

Loving the journey is the key to maintaining results


Frequently Asked Questions

Get started now with instant access to the Lift Library plus support and a personalized nutrition plan. 

I wish I had an expert to talk to and give me a personalized plan and advice so I knew if I was moving in the right direction. 

I wasted so much time trying to use calculators and listening to what was working for other people.

If I could go back and talk to an expert this would have been a no brainer to have someone point me in the right direction…


If you're ready to get started with a plan grab your spot now.


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