How to focus on taking care of your nervous system and health for ultimate freedom in your body and life.


Radiant & Reshaped: Your Summer Healing & Weight Loss Masterclass


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Free Live Master Class with Dorothy McGatlin Health & Fitness Coach for Women


Get ready to shine this summer with our "Radiant & Reshaped" Masterclass, where we blend the power of healing with effective weight loss strategies for your ultimate transformation.
In this immersive program, embark on a journey to discover the synergies between healing, nervous system regulation and sustainable weight loss.
You'll learn how to harness the healing potential of mindfulness, nutrition, and movement to reshape your life from the inside out.
This is for you if you're ready to say goodbye to fad diets and quick fixes, and embrace a holistic approach that nourishes your entire being.

Fact vs. Myth

Breaking down common dieting myths keeping you stuck, and sharing science-backed principles of forever fat loss and ultimate health.

The Plan

You'll explore proven techniques to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit, unlocking the radiant health and vibrant energy you deserve. 


Hosted in a supportive community of women looking to feel radiant , where you can ask questions

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About your host

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I spent years trying to lose weight, by just cutting out more and more food... or adding more workouts in...


It wasn't until I unlocked a few very important MUSTS, around nutrition that the lbs started to fall off... 


After working with hundreds of women on their own weight loss journeys and completing numerous certifications I realized there was a layer even deeper to health and weight loss when we focus on our daily habits and nervous systems.


I'm sharing all of this with you in the Radiant and Reshaped 2 day Masterclass! 


Whether you're seeking to shed a few pounds or embark on a total wellness overhaul, "Radiant & Reshaped" is your passport to a summer of transformation and empowerment. Join us and embark on a journey to reclaim your health, vitality, and confidence like never before.

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